The Government of Flanders (Kingdom of Belgium)

This project is funded by the Government of Flanders through the UNESCO/Flanders Funds-in-Trust for the Support of UNESCO's activities in the field of Science.

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

IOC was created in 1960 to promote international cooperation and coordinate programmes in research, sustainable development, protection of the marine environment, capacity-building for improved management, and decision-making. It assists developing countries in strengthening their institutions to obtain self-driven sustainability in marine sciences.

The IOC's International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)

IODE was established in 1961 to enhance marine research, exploitation and development by facilitating the exchange of oceanographic data and information between participating Member States and by meeting the needs of users for data and information products.


IOCARIBE is a regional subsidiary body of UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). It is the IOC Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions and is responsible for the promotion, development and co-ordination of IOC marine scientific research programmes, the ocean services, and related activities, including Capacity Development at a regional level for the benefit of its Member States. In establishing its programmes, it takes into account the specific interests and needs of the Member States in the region.

CLME+ Project

Catalyzing implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Sustainable Management of shared Living Marine Resources in the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems (UNDP/GEF, 2015-2020)