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CMA2 Platform

The Caribbean Marine Atlas is a digital technological platform on line which function as repository of geospatial and documental information to support decision making in Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM as well as for monitoring and evaluation of Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem CLME.

Who will benefit from CMA2: The Atlas, its tools and contents are addressed to professionals in charge of planning, ministries and national and regional authorities, decision makers, policy makers and potential partners related to ICZM of country pilots in this phase, to the country partners of CLME+ project and the rest of countries, institutions or stakeholders interested from Caribbean.

CMA2 Project

CMA2 project look for create, charge and maintain a sustainable operationalization of an online digital “Caribbean Marine Atlas” technology platform in support of Integrated Coastal Zone Management - ICZM (with special attention to: coastal hazards, climate change, biodiversity and habitats, fisheries, land based sources of pollution) and Ecosystem-based Management for CLME. The platform is being piloted in selected countries for regional and national-level consultation and decision-making. Training, awareness building and dissemination activities are conducted. The CMA2 project builds upon the experience and lessons learnt in the CMA1 and SPINCAM Projects.

Products and publications

CMA2 Consortium

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Regional coordination

Partner pilot countries
Turks & Caikos Islands
Dominican Republic
Trinidad & Tobago
Costa Rica

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