Caribbean Marine Atlas - CMA2

Support information for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and contributions to Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystems



Forecasting geopolitical risks: Oceans as source of instability

The publication of reports on geo-political risks in the world sponsored by intelligence agencies...

Curso: World Ocean Database and World Ocean Atlas tools

Curso "Desde Mediciones hasta Promedios de Campo: Agregación de Datos Oceanográficos para la Ciencia usando La Base de Datos Mundial y las Herramientas del Atlas Mundial del Océano" . Periodo para aplicar del 2 al 31 octubre del 2016.

New global data on High Seas and Large Marine Ecosystems to support policy makers

Sixty percent of the world’s coral reefs are currently threatened by local activities; 50% of all fish stock in large marine ecosystems (LMEs) are overexploited; 64 of the world’s 66 LMEs have experienced ocean warming in the last decades, according to new alarming figures from global assessments on the state of the world’s high seas and large marine ecosystems presented by Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.