The Caribbean Marine Atlas (CMA) is an online digital platform that stores and provides access to geospatial information (and related documents) on the "Marine Environment and Human Societies in the Wider Caribbean Region". Its two primary objectives are:

  • (1) to support regional-level Integrated Ocean Governance
  • (2) to support Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in IOCARIBE Member States

Its contents are directed towards organizations and professionals with responsibilities for conducting analyses, providing advice and/or making decisions on the governance and management of the marine environment at the regional, sub-regional and national levels.

Supporting Integrated Coastal Zone Management

In order to support IOCARIBE Member States in their efforts to implement Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), the Atlas consolidates (mainly national-level) geospatial information and documents covering 13 thematic fields, across three main axes: the Biotic Environment, the Physical Environment, and the Anthropic Environment. Please click on the below icons for quick access:

Supporting Regional Ocean Governance

Sustaining and expanding the contributions of the marine environment to region-wide socio-economic development demands the collaboration across sectors, and among countries and regional and sub-regional organizations. Through the “CLME+ Coordination Mechanism”, CMA aims to consolidate itself as the geospatial information platform of reference for Integrated Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean.

The CMA Platform supports the Monitoring & Evaluation of the politically endorsed 10-year “Strategic Action Programme” for a healthy marine environment (CLME+ SAP, 2015-2025), as well as the development and periodic updating of the “State of the Marine Environment and associated Economies in the Wider Caribbean” (CLME+ SOMEE) report.

Please click on the below icons for quick access to information relating to each of the 6 Strategies and 4 Sub-Strategies of the CLME+ SAP .

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